Architecture Photography - what can I do with my work?

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    I've got a degree in environmental engineering, I work as a journalist and I also take architecture photographs. I do it simply because I like it, and I have exposed my work only twice (you can see it in ).

    As my images are always a very personal point of view (part of my work in and as I don't belong to "architecture world", I don't know what else can I do with my photographs. Put them in an image bank, specialized in architecture? Contact magazines? Which ones?

    Any suggestions or contacts will be welcome!



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    héhé boa tarde !

    as fotos saõ giras, mas acho que é super difficil de ter um contacto para trabalhar com uma revista.

    senao vou continuar em frances sob teu outro messagem :)
  3. Morover, as far as you were speaking of copyrighting buildings, u canno't publish them unless you got the architect's and/or the building owner's agreement...

    I know, that sucks sometimes, but u can bu sued for not respecting those kinda rules...

    It happens to my agency once. Journalists from Conde Nast traveller wrote an article about suite rooms we designed for a Korean resort. We were pretty pleased as the French designer, but the resort wasn't that pleased: the prosecuted the journalists!!! And the article was really a fantastic summary of our design!
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    i love architectural photography as i am architect student....i en courage y to do it as y like
    i have no time to do it
  5. gventura

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    Hi alvraposo.

    I like a lot some of your pictures.

    I'm a designer who usually looking for images with a different point of view to make my works like videos, webpages...

    When the company doesn't have images i visited one stock images web. In this web photgraphers can upload their images and can put some conditions like non commercial use, credits photographer...

    Basically use 2 web pages. ---> free stock images ---> non free images

    You can take a tour and if you like put in contact with their to make accounts and probably win some money if someone buy any of your images.

    Ah! I remember that I was worked with a great company of a design chairs and you can send your work to make a possible professional contact.

    His webpage is: [...] rence.html

    I hope that I can help you and I will you congratulations for your photo work.
    I animated you to use a more professional way to show your work. you can buy a domain and make a photo gallery to show you pictures. I utilized to buy a domain in a very good prize.

    Good luck!

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