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  1. Chris_Arq

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    I have a question that may seems silly for some of you, but I'd like to receive some answers in order to help me.

    What the architect can really do to make a hospital project where sick people can go without mind too much about what would happen with them?

    If the building have to be in accord of its function,( the jail inspiring the punishment, etc) a hospital should show us the cure, the treatment...but how do it happens? Its because of the form, materials, because of what? Or the confidence felt by those people is just in reason of the medical and science development, or confidence on the medical doctor?

    Toyo Ito had declare in his proposal of the Cognacq-Jay hospital project, that he conceived a hospital where people can feel like they were at home. Do you think it´s really possible?

    Hope somebody answer me, because I have no conclusion about this subject yet .
  2. sangsor

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    I do think that it's possible to make people feel like they are at home in a hospital, but that's almost impossible without the help of physicians that work at this hospital. The only thing the architect could do is to care with the material ease, but that's not enough, people, overall sick people, need human warm and attention that could be given only by a doctor.
  3. coconuts

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    why couldnt architecture make hospitalized people not feel like in a hospital?
    caring people are not the only thing that can help.
    why cant a caring, conveniant or naturally environment help?
    we have forgotten today what people used before... in asia they and other tropical countrys, they maintain a close relation with nature, flaura and fauna... and shapes, and colors...
    now that we have complicated medical tools, we need to create new architectural procedures to integrate these medical tools in our daily (medical, medicated) lives...

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