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  1. My hobby is photography...
    But after I got a big national reward,and I published photos in architecture magasines, and I bought a telescope and a underwater camera to make photos of the universe and of the whater-world,I got a little bored...
    and now I got a new hobby : boat-modelling.
    Since I moved from our office in Athens to the office in Rhodes,I begin to learn to live the life of the sea-people...
    And I begin to make a XIII century galera "Saint John the Baptist",and a smaller "Quebec"-XVII century (pirate boat).
    From wood and metal kit (I bought from a shop the box with all the pieces).

    MY GOD ... U have no ideea how difficult such a boat it is to make...the price for such a boat to buy it is about 2000-4000 euro.Well,beleve me,I do not know who is so craizy to make such a thing and then to sell it..!!!
    I work on the smaller one 4 month now (1 hour about each day...) and I do not know if it will be ready untill Christmas... <img src="/static/icones/smilies/oops.gif" alt=":oops:" title=":oops:" /> U know...those models are made in the same technique as the real ones...

    Two month ago,a client of ours toog an old yacht and asked us to "remake the exterior design",which we did.
    Believe me, if I wouldn't have worked before for the model of my small boat, I don't think I would have been able to design the real boat...

    I put U here 3 photos with the bodies of the 2 models I make...
  2. ...how it was 3 month ago the "Quebec"...
  3. salta

    salta Guest

    Thanks for your photos, your boats look great !

    Modelism seems to be always more work&time&cash than expected at the beginning.

    As my own new hobby is airplane-modelism - not old ones but new/light-carbon-structured ones - I felt a bit anxious spending so much time on it ... I'm glad not to be the only one !

    May be such hobbies as yours are in fact an essential part of architect's life&work.
  4. AL

    AL Guest

    funny hobby !
    but usually architects like making models.
    I think, having a hobby that goes in a different way of architectural practices is really important. (Anyway architecture is everywhere)
    This is a real escape, another way to breathe.
    Personnaly my hobbies are Music, i play bass Guitar, Aikido and skateboarding in the past, i'm now too old.

    In Music i got harmony, emotion and pleasure. this is great for proportion.
    With Aikido, harmony, self control and experience. This is a real lesson to understand that you need many years to become a master.
    Skateboarding : The vision of the city, of the streets and a plazza, really nice to understand and to see different cities in a different way. But now my legs are down... <img src="/static/icones/smilies/lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title=":lol:" />

    Conclusion : everything you do is experience of life. this experience may later be transformed into aRchitecture, if you are, of course, involved into it.

    have a nice day !
  5. Hey,salta, show us photos with your airplane-model,even if is not ready...
    I think I will finish soon the Quebec and I will show it to you...

    And,AL, I also finished a music school ( 8 years-classic piano),and I still play and even compose...
    But I think that for the real architects we shouldn't even mention music as a hobby.It is in the nature of the architect...

    I will create a new subject about making models...let's see U there ...
  6. salta

    salta Guest

    Photos coming as soon as I make some.

    Al, I agree with you, it's important to breath far away from architecture. I tried aikido too (so long time ago, but so peacefull memory !) but had to stop for healthy reason.
    Now I'm trying several kind of dances (african, oriental, tango-waltz-etc ...) : for me, architecture is also experience of movement in space.
    Before airplane-modelism (and still but with less time now), I was fond of astrophysic&hightechsciences.

    I founded a small artistic workshop some years ago (with friends-artists from all kind), so there I paint and help others (public) to explore their own creative world. (The workshop will soon be online).

    Music belongs to my researches on "Harmony" but it's more an architect's passion than anything else.
  7. I don't know what kind of hobby I should have.....

    Let's see...travelling of course: it must be not only a hobby but also a way to open your mind to other culture, architecture, civilizations...

    Alcohol, but it must be a kind of nostalgic "souvenir" from my Architectural studies...

    Cigars, but that's more a way to make myself still and to help me thinking (or -at least- making people believe that I could think....)

    Photography, of course, even if I do think that making videos should bring me more "stuff" to my architectural process...

    And shopping (books: architectural one of course -they are always sooooo explensive, but also interior design stuff and design furnitures...)

    And....that's it!
  8. attia

    attia Guest

    very intersting question!!well i think that the architect can have a lot of hobbies. And i think that the most important is travelling!but the architct can have hobbies that don't have a relation with architecture such as cooking.
    I think that tha architect is a very open minded person so he can love every thing!!!
  9. mrosy2155

    mrosy2155 New Member

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