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    Hi, my name is Somi Umolu and I am architecture student in the U.k. Next year I am hoping to spend some time in France and hopefully take up an architecture related work placement/ or stage. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on finding a work placement in france or other francophone countries. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreated as I do not know anything of the architectural network in these countries. Thanks, Somi umolu
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    If you want to work in france, you need to speak and write in french!!!
    Sinon tu aura beaucoup de mal a trouver un stage, surtout que dans les ecoles, tout les étudiants veulent aussi faire des stages donc la place est chere!!
  3. Bonjour a tous. Hi to everyone.

    I have studied architecture in England and recently completed my Part 1 degree which I believe to be the equivalent of 'le premier cycle' (si je me trompe, n'hesitez pas de me corriger, svp).

    I believe I have a fair level of French to be able to get by on an internship in France (je peux me debrouiller, oui). My question however, is how different the application process for securing an internship is from the process in England; in particular I wish to know how different the formats are in terms of presentation portfolios, cvs (les books pdf/electronique; les CVs; les lettres de motivation) and whether I would be expected to have a basic vocabulary of architectural terms in French or whether I'm going overboard there.

    I am also considering doing the second stage of architectural study in a French school, and would welcome advice from anyone in this forum who has made the transition. (Je pense aussi a continuer mes etudes d'archi dans une ecole francaise; merci de me conseiller a cet egard.)

    Advice in both English and French welcome. Le francais, surtout, afin de me donner l'opportunite de pratiquer! Merci d'avance.

    Cheers in advance.
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    Hi everybody!

    I am French and I think I can help you if you wish to work abroad.

    I am creating 2 websites, /, intended to help foreign people to find a job or an internship in another country and especially in France. It is totally free and you will find some offers that might interest you.

    So do not hesitate to contact me (on my website using "contact us" or on this forum) if you have any question or if you need advice about your french CV or cover letter. I would be glad to help you in your research!

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